Amazon’s Big Summer Sale Event!

Sale Finds!

*Disclaimer- this post contains affiliate links to Amazon products. It won’t impact your shopping experience, but I may recieve a percentage of sales from Amazon.

A couple days ago, Amazon quietly launched their BIG SUMMER SALE EVENT. This is no ordinary sale, this is BIG! The perfect time to stock up on back to school essentials and other incredible deals. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorites from the sale!


The first thing on this list is the Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook. As someone who, despite the world trying to get everything digitized, and despite knowing that typing things instead of handwriting saves so much time, energy, and paper, STILL likes to hand write her notes, I’ve had my eye on the Rocketbook for a while now. And on sale, this set, which includes the notebook its self, a pen, and a microfiber cloth for erasing it, comes out to under $22. That’s 36% off retail price!


The next item on my list is this JBL Speaker. This is definitely a splurge item, but if you’re looking for an incredible, waterproof, portable, bluetooth, wireless etc. speaker, then the JBL is AMAZING! It comes in a bunch of different colors, but I’m loving the teal!


Next are these super cute activity sets from Klutz. The make your own puffy sticker set looks like so much fun, and the mini pom pom pets kit is adorable! Such a fun summer activity for your kids (and you too ;))!


The fourth thing on my list is the LuMee Cases. These have been all over Tiktok, and are perfect if you’re looking to get that professional selfie lighting. Although they do have a bunch of color/design options, the sale is only on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro sized cases. So that stinks, but if you do have the iPhone 11 this is seriously a great deal!


This adidas Tinted Festival Crossbody Bag is super **trendy** and I think it’s so cute! It’s perfect for when you’re running out and don’t want to grab a whole big bag. It is small, but it’s the perfect size for your keys, phone and wallet without it getting heavy and bulky.


This women’s Columbia jacket is on sale for a great price, and now is the perfect time to grab it! As much as we may hate to admit it, winter is coming, and as the chillier weather blows in, you’ll need this. Trust me now and thank me later 🙂


Finally, I just really like this mirror. I think it’s so cute for a bedroom or living room or anywhere else I guess 😉

And that’s all for today! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post recently, but as always, thank you for all the support! If you purchase anything from the sale, be sure to tag me so I can show it some love ❤

– Leah

Thread and Supply Sale

Sale Finds!

This post is not sponsored. To order the items featured here and more, visit

The first thing I want to feature are the Denison T-Shirts. These (along with everything from Thread and Supply) are SUPER soft and lightweight, and come in so many different colors! These are so easy and comfy for everyday wear, and I love that they can be styled so many different ways!

These next two things are probably my favorites. The Daisy Dress and The Stevie Tee have such a gorgeous tie dye print, and I’m obsessed with the colors! Blue and pink is totally my jam!

I love the charcoal color of the Junie Jogger and the Set Sail shorts! I love the exposed rope look of the shorts tie, and they’re almost 50% off with the current sale!!

The It’s a Scorcher Dress comes in “M Sandblast” and “Vintage Black”, and I can’t decide which one I like more! I would totally wear this in the summer when it’s hot like it is now, but it can also be styled for cooler weather with a cardigan or even a layer for some sort of sleeves underneath!

More T-shirts! The Deja Vu Tee and the Almost Famous Tee are two more basic t-shirt styles, but with a little extra pizzaz. The Deja Vu gives me more city chic vibes, while the Almost Famous feels more beachy to me, and I’m down for them both!

And now for some more tie dye! I might be just a little obsessed with these Aurea Shorts, and the Alana Pants are also super cute!

And here are some more odds and ends I have saved to share! Insert literally all of the heart eye emojis for these simple, perfect pieces.

Which are your favorites??

Oh! Also, did I mention that T&S offers free shipping and (which is key in the age of online shopping) FREE RETURNS??

Room Reno Part 1 Ft: A Little Target Haul

Room Stuff

Does anybody have any experience redecorating their room? Cool. I do not. But here we are, and as with most things in my life, I’m figuring it out as I go!

It all started about 4 months into quarantine, when I, prompted by the stir crazies decided it was time for a change. I tried dying my hair about a month and a half into quarantine, and my color choice was not so fab…

My face when I realized that I got red dye instead of purple and then used it anyway

Because I’m still trying to avoid the “cutting your own hair” phase of life (although we sure are getting close), it’s officially time to switch up my room.

Of course, we started on Pinterest, where I made a board and promptly got distracted by all that Pinterest has to offer (follow me!!).

And then, the next logical step is, of course, a trip to Target- when they first opened in the morning, masked, and armed with hand sanitizer etc.

I ended up with a full length mirror for the back of my door (finally!), a makeup organizer for my counter, a neon sign thing that I’m obsessed with, and a cute little shelving unit. So not bad, not great. But I am really happy to announce that I am the owner of a full length mirror. For the first time in my whole life.

You may be wondering, “Leah, why didn’t you take a picture of your actual real life shelf thing after you built it?”. Well, big surprise, it’s because I didn’t build it yet.

Because after this trip, I decided that I needed to paint my room a lighter color. At the moment it’s more of a yellow beige-y color and I’m not a fan. Soooo..

To Lowes for paint swatches we go!

And that’s basically the story so far. As of now, my top choice is the middle picture (Lip balm with Online for my doors and details). So the next step is to buy the paint and stuff and actually paint my walls!!

Part 2 coming soon!

– Leah

1 Skirt, 3+ Ways!

Style tips

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your pictures on your phone and realizing that you literally only ever wear the same two outfits? Have you ever been called out for being an outfit repeater *gasp*!? Well don’t worry! You’re not alone! according to the statistics I just made up, most people have this issue. And you may be thinking, “Leah. What am I supposed to do about it? I can’t just go out and buy new clothes for every day!”

And I agree 100%. There is no reason to buy anything more than you already have! Today, I’m going to be teaching you how I mix things up by sharing sharing how I styled 1 skirt in 3 different ways and got totally different looks! And how easily you can do the same!

The piece that I chose to style today is a basic denim skirt. But don’t limit yourself to your jean skirt! These tips are transferable to so many different bottoms! Be creative!

The first outfit is definitely a staple in my wardrobe. Obviously I have my denim skirt, and for this look I styled it with a graphic t-shirt and my Adidas sneakers. The idea of this look is comfy and casual. You can pair your bottoms with any t, and bring the look together by tucking the shirt in in the front and adding a statement piece of some sort. This can be a big necklace or chunky rings, or a fun bag of some sort! Whatever you’re in the mood for!

This second look is perfect for the fall! I threw on a chunky knit sweater and boom. Instant outfit! For me, what really makes this outfit a “look” is the earrings. As soon as I put on a pair of hoops, I immediately feel like a badass, so these are for sure my go-to earrings. You can’t see from the picture, but I paired this outfit with a cute pair of booties (another fall time closet staple). I feel like the color of this sweater really brings out my eyes, which I always like to play up.

The third and final look is my personal favorite. I love the flutter sleeves of this top, and the white looks so good with denim blue! This look could either be dressy or more casual, all depending on how you accessorize. For a more casual look, go for more simple jewelry and a pair of sandals. If you want something a little more dressed-up, add some lipstick and a pair of heels!

So basically, the possibilities for outfit combinations are nearly limitless! As long as you can see you’re clothes with a fresh eye, you will be able to avoid the outfit repeater slump, and come up with fun new combinations! I can’t wait to see it!

Which look is your favorite from today?

My Top 10 DSW Sale Picks

Sale Finds!

From the 1st to the 6th of July 2020, DSW is having a 20% off sale on MOST of their products! You can check everything out for yourself at, but here are my top 10 (ish) favorites.

The first pair of shoes I had to feature! These Moira Sandals by Essex Lane are the heels that I wore to my prom. They are so super comfortable and actually pretty easy to walk (and dance) in! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures that show my shoes from prom (#longdressproblems), but you’ll have to trust me on this one.

My exact shoe is not available (I wore the taupe suede color), But the style comes in three awesome colors. I especially love the bright pink suede! Which is your favorite?

The second pair of shoes that I have to highlight especially are the Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats. I have two pairs, and I’m ready for more! After walking literal miles in them, mine are starting to fall apart, which basically just means I’m ready for a new pair! I’m obsessed with this gold metallic color!

Now we get into shoes that I haven’t personally tried on, but are definitely on my wishlist!

Third (the one with the treasure chest?) are BIRKENSTOCKS! Do I need a pair? I think so. This is an investment for my future! Right?

Either way, DSW has some great Birks available, and I think I’m ready to try them out for myself…

Let me just put it out into the universe- I love Steve Madden! I do get confused between Steve Madden and Sam Edelman (and it’s fine because both of them are awesome), but these are definitely Steve Maddens, and they’re awesome!

The clear accessories trend is real, and I love that this is so subtle. I’ve seen people trying to wear full on jumpsuits made of clear plasticky material, and while it’s most definitely a look, I’m not obsessed haha. But these sandals are the perfect amount of clear plasticky material without it looking tacky.

The Nike Benassi slides are supposed to be super comfy and easy! I actually got my dad a pair for fathers day, and now my whole family wants their own slides!

Next are these adorable Hailee Sandals by Kelly & Katie! They have so many cute colors and fabrics, but this navy and white polka dot/stripe denim style is for sure my favorite. I think it’s so stylish, and love that it can be a focal point or not depending on how you style it.

They have so many choices though, so check it out! They have a bunch of not printed pairs in super unique fabrics that take the heel to the next level.

Finally, there is only one word for these J Lo Florella Fishnet Pumps. ICONIC!

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite is!

– Leah

Summer Fun Essentials – Family Fun Edition


*Note: all items are hand selected by me. I may receive a percentage of sales when you use my link. Thank you!

Summer is officially in full swing, and I’m loving it! from days spent lounging in the sun, to day trips and other activities, summer makes me so unbelievably happy and content. To start this week off, I’m going to be sharing some fun things for the whole family! Be sure to stay tuned on my instagram stories to see us in action!

1. The first thing on my list of must-haves is this giant box of chalk from Amazon. When we were looking for chalk earlier in the spring/summer (when quarantine first started), we couldn’t find any anywhere! Eventually, we did find something in stock, and ordered it even though it seemed oddly expensive. Turns out, we ordered a 120 pc GIANT box of chalk, and it has been one of the best investments of the year. And (as of 6/29/20), it’s on sale for $5 off! Get it now!! 5/5 stars

2. This giant Jenga set is an awesome bbq game, and the wooden blocks are super easily customizable with some acrylic paint or permanent markers.

3. Self Sealing water balloons!! Each stick makes 100 water balloons (there are three sticks in this set). You just twist the nozzle on your hose, turn on the water, and viola! The balloons fill themselves up, and when they get heavy enough they pop off and a little rubber band automatically seals them! I love that it’s so simple so that the younger kids don’t run out of patience, and the older kids can basically put together a water balloon fight by themselves!

4. On the topic of water play, here are three sprinklers that I love (and have great reviews!) in each price range.

First, this fire hydrant sprinkler is small but mighty! Even though it looks tiny and unimpressive at first, it shoots water up to 8 ft away, and has pretty great water pressure too!

The second sprinkler is more of a little splurge item. I haven’t actually tried it, but this blow up elephant sprinkler situation looks so awesome!

This last one is for if you want to go ALL OUT! This blow up kiddie pool is seriously one of the best purchases of the summer! Noah (4) spends literal HOURS each day playing in his pool with his cousins. We have the rainbow ring play center, but they also have a similar candy land version that you can see here.


A classic tie dye kit! This set by Tulip is easy, mixable, and comes in a bunch of different color way options. Tie dye is a trend every summer, but this year especially it’s coming in strong as a fashion print in stores, and as a fun diy activity!

Wow! That was quite the list! See you tomorrow for more fun activities, styles and sales!!

– Leah

A Little Bit About Me!


Hi! Since I guess this is the official start of my blog, I figured I should do a little get to know you post!

Just so you can get an idea of where I’m at right now (in case you couldn’t tell from my superior car selfies), I am currently sitting in the back left seat of my family’s van, coming up on hour three of our drive home from the beach. My legs are cramping, I have to use the bathroom, and I’m sad to leave the beach, but I’m also excited to be home and start this blogging journey for reals. I’m also excited to sleep in my own bed. That’s always nice :).

Okay. Let’s do this.

My name is Leah and I started my Instagram career a little over a year ago at this point. I’ve wrestled with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. I’ve done a bunch of research to try to find the best way to do this, but finally, I bit the bullet and bought a domain. So now I have to figure it out, right??

So through my Instagram account (@likedbyleah), I’ve been *kinda* blogging already. I’ve been pretty consistently sharing fashion and lifestyle tips and finds, as well as the occasional beauty post. And for those of you who came here from my Instagram already, don’t worry! I’m still planning to continue using my platform there regularly! I just decided to create this webpage so that I have the space to share even more, and make it even easier for you to access links and details.

There’s definitely a learning curve, so be patient with me, but I can’t wait for you all to get to know me like this, and for me to be able to get to know you! Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section and sign up for email notifications so you never miss a post ❤

Hope to talk soon!

~ Leah