Room Reno Part 1 Ft: A Little Target Haul

Room Stuff

Does anybody have any experience redecorating their room? Cool. I do not. But here we are, and as with most things in my life, I’m figuring it out as I go!

It all started about 4 months into quarantine, when I, prompted by the stir crazies decided it was time for a change. I tried dying my hair about a month and a half into quarantine, and my color choice was not so fab…

My face when I realized that I got red dye instead of purple and then used it anyway

Because I’m still trying to avoid the “cutting your own hair” phase of life (although we sure are getting close), it’s officially time to switch up my room.

Of course, we started on Pinterest, where I made a board and promptly got distracted by all that Pinterest has to offer (follow me!!).

And then, the next logical step is, of course, a trip to Target- when they first opened in the morning, masked, and armed with hand sanitizer etc.

I ended up with a full length mirror for the back of my door (finally!), a makeup organizer for my counter, a neon sign thing that I’m obsessed with, and a cute little shelving unit. So not bad, not great. But I am really happy to announce that I am the owner of a full length mirror. For the first time in my whole life.

You may be wondering, “Leah, why didn’t you take a picture of your actual real life shelf thing after you built it?”. Well, big surprise, it’s because I didn’t build it yet.

Because after this trip, I decided that I needed to paint my room a lighter color. At the moment it’s more of a yellow beige-y color and I’m not a fan. Soooo..

To Lowes for paint swatches we go!

And that’s basically the story so far. As of now, my top choice is the middle picture (Lip balm with Online for my doors and details). So the next step is to buy the paint and stuff and actually paint my walls!!

Part 2 coming soon!

– Leah

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