Summer Fun Essentials – Family Fun Edition


*Note: all items are hand selected by me. I may receive a percentage of sales when you use my link. Thank you!

Summer is officially in full swing, and I’m loving it! from days spent lounging in the sun, to day trips and other activities, summer makes me so unbelievably happy and content. To start this week off, I’m going to be sharing some fun things for the whole family! Be sure to stay tuned on my instagram stories to see us in action!

1. The first thing on my list of must-haves is this giant box of chalk from Amazon. When we were looking for chalk earlier in the spring/summer (when quarantine first started), we couldn’t find any anywhere! Eventually, we did find something in stock, and ordered it even though it seemed oddly expensive. Turns out, we ordered a 120 pc GIANT box of chalk, and it has been one of the best investments of the year. And (as of 6/29/20), it’s on sale for $5 off! Get it now!! 5/5 stars

2. This giant Jenga set is an awesome bbq game, and the wooden blocks are super easily customizable with some acrylic paint or permanent markers.

3. Self Sealing water balloons!! Each stick makes 100 water balloons (there are three sticks in this set). You just twist the nozzle on your hose, turn on the water, and viola! The balloons fill themselves up, and when they get heavy enough they pop off and a little rubber band automatically seals them! I love that it’s so simple so that the younger kids don’t run out of patience, and the older kids can basically put together a water balloon fight by themselves!

4. On the topic of water play, here are three sprinklers that I love (and have great reviews!) in each price range.

First, this fire hydrant sprinkler is small but mighty! Even though it looks tiny and unimpressive at first, it shoots water up to 8 ft away, and has pretty great water pressure too!

The second sprinkler is more of a little splurge item. I haven’t actually tried it, but this blow up elephant sprinkler situation looks so awesome!

This last one is for if you want to go ALL OUT! This blow up kiddie pool is seriously one of the best purchases of the summer! Noah (4) spends literal HOURS each day playing in his pool with his cousins. We have the rainbow ring play center, but they also have a similar candy land version that you can see here.


A classic tie dye kit! This set by Tulip is easy, mixable, and comes in a bunch of different color way options. Tie dye is a trend every summer, but this year especially it’s coming in strong as a fashion print in stores, and as a fun diy activity!

Wow! That was quite the list! See you tomorrow for more fun activities, styles and sales!!

– Leah

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